The Question Of Orgasm

I love having multiple orgasms. To me, having at least three orgasms when I have sex is perfectly okay, but my boyfriend thinks that it is weird. I just can’t see what is so weird about it. When I speak to my London escorts friends, it is clear that a lot them like to have multiple orgasms when they have sex. Unfortunately, a lot of women think that they can’t have multiple orgasms but that is not true. Before I started to work for London escorts, I felt the same way. I thought that the female body was not meant to have more than one orgasm but my London escorts friends have taught me differently.

In many ways it is like you need to “train” your body. That probably sounds like a really strange idea to most women, but I learned much of what I know about the power of the female orgasms from other London escorts. Before I got involved with escorting, there was no way that I would even consider playing with sex toys. Now have learned from London escorts that sex toys are perfectly okay and can increase the amount of physical pleasure you get from sex.

So, what do you need to do to enjoy sex as much as London escorts? It is not going to happen overnight. Some London escorts find the journey longer than others. But, the first thing you need to do is to stop feeling guilty about physical pleasure. I think that this is a problem that plaques many women still. And yes, I know that it does affect men and their sex lives. That is only too obvious when you meet them on London escorts.

Learning the way your body experiences pleasure is very important. For instance most women like to have their nipples stimulated during sex, but yet a lot of us don’t tell our partners that we find that enjoyable. One thing that I have learned since I have been with London escorts, is to speak up for myself. I never used to tell my partners what I liked in bed but now I do it all of the time. It has really changed my sex life and made me enjoy it more.

When I start going out with a guy, I take it slow at first. Gradually I let him know what I like doing in bed and how I like it done. Sometimes the simplest things can make a difference when it comes to having good sex and helping you to achieve more than one orgasm. I am sure that if you spoke to different London escorts, all of the girls would tell you that they have a secret or a trick to make them come twice. It could be anything from a favorite vibrator to they way someone holds you in his arms. What you need to do is to tell them, but above all, stop feeling guilty about physical pleasure, in fact there are women who love pleasure of multiple orgasms and are happier in their self overall.

Everyone knows orgasms are great so never gave ashamed of seeking it.

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