Why It Is Important to Have Sex Once In A While

Sex is an important part of life for every person. The reason why it is important to have sex once in a while is that it is normally linked with many benefits. In those benefits, there are those that are emotional, and they include, stress reduction, reducing divorce rates, strengthening relationships, improving intimacy levels, other physical benefits such as lowering blood pressure and many others.

Psychological benefits of having sex

There are very many psychological benefits associated with having sex once in a while. When one has gets good quality sex every once in a while, their level of happiness increases. This said though one should understand that unwanted sex does the reverse in that it lowers happiness.

Helps to relieve stress

Nowadays many people are living with chronic stress levels. This is, in turn, making them stay for prolonged periods without having sex. It is known to be a technique of reducing stress. This is because the human body normally secretes cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine) as a method of responding to stress. This sort of response is known to lead to conditions such as high blood pressure, fatigue and many more. Having sex can enable you to reduce the level of these hormones and help one in staying healthy.

Sex enables you to have an improved mood overall

There are several kinds of chemicals that our bodies release during the process of having sex that can have a great effect on the way you feel. This is because during the act of sex parts of the brain release endorphins (which is kind of a feel-good) chemical that will ensure a reduction of depression or irritation feelings. One other hormone that is normally released in the activities of sex is oxytocin. This is released when the nipple is stimulated by some activities don when people get intimate. It ensures you feel very relaxed and improve the overall mood.

Finally, orgasm normally leads to the release of prolactin which normally makes one feel very sleepy. This hormone when released normally makes you feel ultimate relaxation which leads to one being sleepy.

Having sex once in a while also comes with many physical benefits some which include:

Improved physical fitness levels

You should know that sex is some sort of exercise. It is equivalent to climbing two flight stairs. The kind of activities done during sex can enable you to tighten the pelvic and abdominal muscles. It helps one in developing a better immune function.

Generally being more sexually active usually have positive effects on the overall immune function. This normally means that you will not likely get flu or cold.

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